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Monday, 25 January 2010

A prophetic word from Cathy Moolman...

We feel this is the voice of Father at this time...awesome!
A Word From My Dad 
Firstly, my Child I want you to know how High, how deep and how wide my Love is for you.  You seem amazed……Why?  Would I have sacrificed
My only Son if it were not for Love – No certainly not.  You will one day know the full extent of My Love for you.  But I am teaching you about love.  The Love that I hold in My heart for you.  I see that look on your face and I see the excitement fill your heart when you have new fresh encounters of My Love, but I want you to know that My Love never slows down, My Love never fails, My Love never stops, My Love never comes to an end. No My Love for you is like a well that never runs dry. It's new every morning. My Love is forever the ultimate Love ever known. My Love is JESUS. Rest in the knowledge that My Love WILL sustain you. 
Love Dad x x 

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