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Tuesday, 02 February 2010

Upcoming book release! He Qualifies You! by Chad Mansbridge

Hey guys

We're happy to announce our latest book release that will officially be launched on 14th February 2010!

Click cover to check out the back cover and contents page + more info.

'He Qualifies You!' by Chad Mansbridge (Hardcover! 80pages)

  • Official launch @ City Church International Hong Kong, 14 February where Chad will be ministering.
  • Check out: www.baysidechurch.org.au for great teaching mp3's by Chad (free!)

Here's what some are saying about Chad's book:

"Chad Mansbridge illuminates the Cross as the great divide in human history. His book is intelligent, challenging and important. Read it and experience the freedom of God's grace like never before."

Andrew Farley - Bestselling Author "The Naked Gospel"

"It is impossible to be an effective, true to the Bible, Jesus follower without reaching one's own convictions on this majestic subject. Chad has provided a most outstanding outline for every believer to explore their faith around. It is not just a read. It is a journey of revelation."

Chris Weinand - Pastor, Southlands Church International, California

"This presentation is precisely what is needed to precipitate perfect peace for those who have been ambushed by ambiguity, scarred by schizophrenic religion, and blurred or bullied out of their inheritance."

Rob Rufus - Pastor, City Church International, Hong Kong

"I would recommend this book to anyone who has any confusion about how the law covenant is completely obsolete, and especially those who are struggling to grasp grace. this book clears it all up and releases a wonderful joy that comes with the discovery of the truth. It is my absolute pleasure to publish this book and I look forward to Chad's next!"

Ryan Rufus - New Nature Publications

$95HKD Free delivery!

Ryan Rufus