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Saturday, 03 October 2009

Good News

I grew up in an average income community and went to an average goverment school.
I met some great people along the way, and even kept in contact with some of them
until now.
About ten minutes ago, I just received a phone call from one of these friends telling me
that he and his wife went to an outreach last night in Johannesburg, and both of them
ended up giving their lives to Jesus.
This is from an sms that I just received from him
"Im so glad to know that i will see you in heaven" and
"I feel like a new person. Its such a good feeling"
This is what it is all about. This is why Jesus came and this is what we are to help with.
I am so encouraged.
Heaven is having one huge party and so are my tear ducts.
Thank you Jesus is all I can say. You are wonderful.


IN8 said...

That's so good.
I'm not trying to come with a better story, just makes me think of 2 weeks ago.
I phoned an old friend to tell him a friend of mine had passed away.
The guy I phoned was my best friend but, on advice..I cut him off when I "got saved" because he is gay.
Even though it was bad news I was giving him, I couldn't stop weeping with joy, hearing that he had given his life to Jesus!
He and his boyfriend of 15 years go to a grace church in Melville Johannesburg - Hearing a virtually illiterate hairdresser with a std 5 quote scripture to me, excitedly telling me how much God loves him..That is stunning!

Grace said...

The love of Jesus is so wonderful.
The love of Jesus is so wonderful.
The love of Jesus is so wonderful.
Oh wonderful love.

It's so high, you can't get over it.
It's so low, you can't get under it.
It's so wide, you can't get around it, you gotto go through the door.