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Saturday, 24 October 2009

From Ryan

Hi guys

Just a quick update on New Nature if you're interested. We now have a facebook page with lots of cool stuff on it.
Become a member to keep up to date with latest book releases and worship albums + read reviews on books as well as first chapter of each book.


Also we've made some changes to our products page to include a new payment method for those who don't have credit cards and would prefer to make a direct bank transfer.
Check that out at: http://newnaturepublications.com/?page=product

Also look out for upcoming books and albums

- A new worship album from Bonnie. It's Bonnie at a whole new level! Look out for it this December!

- Anneline Breetzke' debut album! Look out for it early 2010.

- A booklet by Chad Mansbridge on the Abrahamic, Mosaic and New Covenant. I read it and was blown away by Chad's revelation! Look out for it early 2010

- A book by Wayne Duncan on how to read the Bible through grace. Out early 2010

- A childrens' book by Milly Bennitt titled, 'A Lamb called Love'. Simple, powerful and full of glory! Early to mid 2010

- A new book co-authored by Rob and Ryan Rufus called, 'Establishing People in Grace'. Out 2010.

Thanks guys and God bless!

Ryan Rufus


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